4 Ways to Find Your Happy and Stress-Free Place

We mostly normalize being stressed out, that sometimes we forget that too much stress may harm our physical and psychological health. For people who deal with a lot of stress, a good thing to keep in mind is to counteract it by doing new things that will rejuvenate and bring you to a happier and healthier place. Start with these 4 ways to perk up your routine and effectively destress your mind:

  1. Master a new skill.

Learning something new may sound like more stress to add up to your current ones, but fret not, a study shown, that people who acquire or master a skill find greater happiness on a daily basis and for long-term. In fact, accomplishing something you’ve never done before gives you a sense of fulfilment and will give you a breath of fresh air over your usual routine. Also by doing such efforts, you shift your mind to focusing on learning which will provide you some form of stress relief.

  1. Perform acts of kindness

The world has enough of unpleasant stuff and happenings already, so why not make someone’s day with an act of kindness? A small act of kindness, whether helping an elderly cross the street or holding out the door for the other person behind you, can do wonders for your fellow human and yourself. You’ll be surprised that the satisfaction you are looking for in life isn’t found in material things but it is when you perform an act of kindness to strangers.

  1. Count your glory instead of mishaps

Did you say thank you to the last person who held out the elevator for you or someone who complimented your shoes? If your answer is yes, then you are right on track! An experiment has shown that people who count their blessings more than the less grateful counterpart are linked to be better at fighting off stress symptoms and have better relationships towards people. This means saying “thank yous” more often is as powerful as a minute of meditation and as invigorating as a trip to the spa. Try saying thank you more on your day and notice what differences it can make to you and to other people.

  1. Practice clean and healthy eating

Can’t seem to find out how to reduce stress? Take note of the saying “you are what you eat”. This saying means that if you are doing favours for your body by eating healthy, it will also reflect on your physical health and well-being. It is a fact that the food you eat can affect your mood, concentration, and energy, so the next time you are in the grocery, make sure that you pick foods that are healthy and will be good for your total well-being.

By practicing these four efforts, effectively controlling stress is not much of a tough job any more. You can start with something simple such as eating healthy and venturing to healthier options such as Naturel’s Organic line. The effects might be slow and subtle at first, but eventually you’ll notice yourself to be in a happier and a healthier disposition in.