Beat Stress The Naturel Way: Laugh Your Way To Good Health

Beat stress by laughing

‘LOL!’, ‘ROFL’, ‘LMAO!’ are commonly used acronyms to express what’s funny while texting. But the benefits of letting out these expressions are no laughing matter; laughing not only keeps your mental health in a tip-top condition, it could also be an indicator of a person’s physical well-being. In fact, laughter has astonished scientists with its many health benefits and it will surely astound you too!

Gives you a break from stress

For someone who is looking for some kind of stress relief at work, try sharing a good joke with your fellow co-worker to alleviate heavy work stress. Happy hormones are released every time a person laughs and it counteracts stress-causing hormone cortisol. So, by having a good hearty laugh daily, you take the stress off your body and ease those tense muscles.

Brings out your creative juices

Ever stuck with a project with a short turnaround? Here’s a tip – relax, meditate, and try to have some giggle to get over that brain fog and dial down on the stress level. Laughing can open channels of creativity and help you focus better to bring out fresh ideas. You’ll be surprised at what meditation and laughter can produce!

A natural painkiller

Laughter can be your go-to medicine for easing pain. Researchers documented the effects of laughter in boosting the release of hormones like endorphins that give you a euphoric feeling, reduce stress, and they happen to be chemicals that relieve pain too!

An instant workout!

Have you ever laughed so hard that your tummy hurts similar to that of an ab muscle workout? This is because every time a person laughs, the muscles in the stomach contract in the same way as when we do sit-ups.

Also, a study has shown that 15 minutes of laughter a day will burn about 10 to 40 calories, which equates to 1-2kg a year. That is also the same number of calories you can burn when slow-walking. So, if you are looking to lose weight and get the toned abs you’ve always dreamt of, start incorporating laughter in your daily routine!

Be kind to your heart

A 2005 study has shown that, having a generous laugh a day is linked to lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases by encouraging blood circulation. A good laugh is like a good cardio workout and is especially helpful to people who are less inclined to engage in other physical exercises.

Creates new and stronger bonds

People tend to gravitate towards social groups with like-minded individuals who make you laugh and cry (sometimes too when you laugh really hard), thereby making a sense of humour a great tool to making new friends. In addition, sharing a quality laugh with someone builds a stronger emotional connection and rubs off positive vibes. Now you have our top tip to become more approachable and amiable!

Let humour and laughter enlighten your life to uplift your total well-being, health and infect everyone around you with some positivity.