It’s A Grain, No It’s A Fruit… It’s Buckwheat ! – One Of The World’s Healthiest Foods

Does the food “Buckwheat” ring a bell but yet is foreign to you? With the ever-increasing popularity of healthy eating and people opting for naturally organic food, this healthy food option is making its way into everyone’s chatter and kitchen. In a nutshell, buckwheat is a seed from the plant Fagopyrum esculentum which is commonly cropped in Asia, Europe, and North America. It can be used for a variety of culinary purposes, such as noodles, baked goods, and beverages. Other than that, there’s many surprising facts about buckwheat and its goodness, which will make you want to include in your healthy diet.


  1. A good source of vegetarian protein

If you are planning to take the step towards a vegetarian and organic diet, buckwheat is a good source of vegetarian protein. Every serving of this grain-like seed is made up of , which are essentially “building blocks of protein” to boost energy, growth and muscle synthesis. In addition, this healthy food option contains two essential amino acids called lysine and arginine, which are types of amino acids that can’t be made up by the body itself and aren’t found in other whole grains.


  1. Helps to improve heart health

Improve your cardiovascular health! show that buckwheat can help lower inflammation and is associated with decreasing levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) while increasing good cholesterol (HDL). The cardiovascular benefits are believed to be linked with “rutin”- found in buckwheat, a type of phytonutrient and antioxidant that helps stabilize blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

  1. It helps improves digestion

We may not talk much about it, but we all want a trouble-free digestion. This superfood may be the answer for your unheard desires since, buckwheat is proven to have high-fibre content. For every serving, you’ll be able to obtain 4.5 of dietary fibre, which will help improve the regulation of your digestive tract.


Additionally, the high-fibre content in buckwheat helps you feel full longer, which is ideal for people who are trying to watch their weight. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

  1. A gluten-free healthy food option

What sets buckwheat apart from other whole grains is its advantage of being gluten-free. Granted that, buckwheat has become the saviour for celiac disease sufferers and people with gluten sensitivity because they have found an alternative source of carbohydrates.


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