Food Trends of 2022

Over the past few years, food trends have expanded in unique new flavours, varieties, and cuisines. Some of which have even been adopted by us in our day-to-day lives, while others have lasted for only a seasonal duration. As part of the Singaporean culture to be foodies, we are always on the hunt for the latest food, and always open to trying something new. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you some of the 2022 food trends that have been rising in popularity.

We have seen the importance of sustainability rise up significantly in the last couple of years and it is a trend that has been around for a while. There are also many other ways to practice being sustainable and each year, innovations have come through for us in that very aspect.

Apart from consumption, we are seeing a shift towards initiatives put in place that could be a part of our diet and we could look towards these solutions even within our homes. As we enter into a time where we are more conscious about how we attain food, it is, therefore, more important to be aware of food wastage. We see these cases especially so in Singapore with the growth initiatives and movements that aim to reduce food waste.

Plant-Based Food

Plant-based food is a new trending diet that we get to see skyrocket this year. As concerns about the environment are always raised, we can expect to see even more of it on our plates very soon. This food trend is also more common due to the recent pandemic, prompting us to be more mindful of what we put into our bodies. And with innovation, plant-based are starting to replace what we used to place on our plates. As the variety for plant-based food grows, veganism has also risen in popularity due to the appeal and accessibility, such as Acai bowls or Impossible meat.

Additionally, animal agriculture has also played a role in our drive to make plant-based food all the more attainable. As a means of increasing sustainability, we have seen a rise in plant-based diets which ultimately contribute to the main goal of saving the planet.


One of the most surprising foods to make it on the trending list is none other than the mushroom. As we progress towards a time where or when plant-based meat is people’s go-to for a healthier food option, the preferred choice tends to be the world’s most famous fungi.

Mushrooms offer a meaty and chewy texture, much like that of meat cuts, they are also packed with high amounts of vitamins and delicious umami richness. In this, our fungi friend makes for a great substitute for meat-based food.

Moreover, mushrooms are further attracting consumers because of their versatility. Just like how potatoes have their fans ready to honour its capability to turn into any of their favourite dishes, mushrooms are ready to enter the room with a plethora of new products such as mushroom chips, mushroom tea, and mushroom jerky amongst others. They are going to be the new multitasker in the food industry and will definitely be trending for a while.

Potato Milk

Over the years, we have seen that milk is not limited to just cow and goat but there are others that have been making the headlines like almond and oat. Like the two, potato milk is ready to enter the market as an alternative for being dairy-free.

Just like the trends mentioned earlier, this plant-based alternative would also help to lower climate footprint by 75% as reported by due to potatoes being a very efficient crop to grow, making it a sustainable substitute. Furthermore, the innovative idea of transforming potatoes into milk is strangely intriguing, definitely giving it a reason to trend alongside other plant-based milk from this year onwards.

Southeast Asian Cuisine

The pandemic has brought out a number of ways people have started looking at food, especially at the cuisine closer to home. Southeast Asian cuisine is known for its unique combination of complex flavours, making it a healthy way of cooking and eating.

Herbs and spices have seen a spike in sales ever since we started looking at food differently because some of them tend to carry health benefits like increased metabolism or immunity while also adding a little more spice to our everyday food. Spices like turmeric can help boost anti-inflammatory effects while cinnamon is known for its high antioxidants. Local dishes such as fried rice are simple to make with a reasonable amount of herbs and spices and if we want to ensure a healthier version, we can simply substitute the white rice for Naturel’s Organic Brown Rice instead.

Bonus Trend – Sustainable Packaging

One of the trends we will see unfolding this coming year is sustainable packaging. If we take a closer look at the to-go containers provided by eateries nowadays, we can see a shift in the nature of the packaging. While these restaurants have started practicing a sustainable culture by pushing out more plant-based menu items, there are also other means which they can provide to the cause and that is through sustainable packaging.

Biodegradable straws and cardboard boxes are some of the examples of green casing restaurants are opting for now. These can then be recycled when the user has no use for them or repurposed for future use.

We can adopt the same practice for our grocery items. Ingredients we purchase in supermarkets come in packaging that we can easily repurpose or recycle. All we need is a little creativity; like Naturel Organic Pasta Sauce glass jars that can be repurposed as storage containers. With more purposeful use of packaging, we can create a green kitchen for our homes.

Some of these projected food trends are oddly surprising, given that they might seem like a staple for most of us such as the mushrooms and the Southeast Asian cuisine while others have just blown our minds like the potato milk.

The list is heavily influenced by the pandemic and how we have started putting our bodies first in rebuttal to future adversities. Climate change has also impacted our food choices and the use of food packaging. With these trends set to dominate the food industry this coming year, we cannot wait to see how they might influence our future lists.