Healthy Family, Happy Family

Ever since the pandemic hit our shores, lifestyle habits have witnessed a drastic makeover. While our initial transition was a little confusing to navigate through, a silver lining emerged from that phase. Revisiting our lifestyles more closely, we might have felt prompted to make significant changes to enable us to stay healthy physically and mentally.

Placing emphasis on good health is a good stepping stone to start off. When we are healthy, we find ourselves able to do things we would not be capable of achieving when we don’t feel our best. From being stress-free to have a stronger mental capacity to cope with our day-to-day worries, we see the positive effects that our health can have on us.

In our pursuit of a new and improved version of ourselves, companionship on our journey always makes it easier. Encouraging our family members to join us towards a shared goal could greatly bring our family closer, with the added benefits of improved mental and physical health.

There is no other better way to spend time with your family than to get all of them involved in a healthier living together. With that, here are some suggested tips to follow to have a happy and healthy family.

Positivity is Key

As a parent to our kids, what we do will always have a part to play in influencing the thoughts and actions of our children. As our kids take on our habits, being mindful of how we model ourselves is vital for educating our children on how we ought for them to behave. To ensure that our family stays happy and content, one simple practice we can inculcate is to be grateful for the things we have. Through this, we are instilling positive behaviour when it comes to the mind. Other practices may include seeing the humour in certain situations to stay carefree and communicating with words of affirmation towards others.

As a spouse to our partners, we can have a positive impact on our loved ones by encouraging healthy eating habits and frequent exercising. One practical method of guiding our spouse towards a healthy lifestyle is by preparing meals they love to eat with a healthy twist to them! When we encourage our spouses to lead healthy lives, we also show them our love and concern through our interest in their well-being.

For our parents, as they grow in age, it is also the ideal time for us to start taking care of their physical and mental well-being. In the same way that they prepared our meals for us as we were growing up, the same can be done to reciprocate the favour. Preparing nutritious meals that our parents enjoy is a great way to make them happy and healthy. Furthermore, we can also encourage a healthy lifestyle among our parents by catching up with them for activities during the weekend. Doing exercises like morning walks in the park, tai chi, and yoga, are just some of the many ways we can help keep our parents fit while spending quality time with them!

Meals at Home

In our present world, food delivery services are at an all-time high, as it is much more convenient. On the contrary, in accordance with an article published by HelpGuide, home-cooked meals are considerably healthier than their non-home-cooked counterparts. This is because we tend to cook with less sugar, carbohydrates, and fats than food made at hawkers and restaurants. So, the question beckons, why not eat more home-cooked food? To help you with some inspiration, here are some delicious recipes you can follow!

One easy way to go about it is to make meal preparation a family activity. This way, we can encourage our family members to be more involved with grocery shopping and cooking. Getting involved with meal preparation could get them to understand food better, helping them make wiser and more informed dietary choices.

Lastly, a family that eats together, stays together. It is important to get the family together for meals as it is a time for everyone to catch up and share in one another’s presence. Having a healthy meal paired with good conversations, not only makes us healthy, it keeps us happy too!

Keeping Fit

Whether it be a physically strenuous activity such as running, or a light and simple brisk walk in the park, spending time exercising with our family enables us to share moments and memories together making the occasion fun and something to always look forward to.

As exercise promotes the alleviation of stress and anxiety, engaging in a family workout not only helps us to feel free of our worries, it also contributes to a fun way that the family can come together to spend time, all while sticking to the goal of adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Small Steps, Big Change

When making changes in our lives, it is always more practical to start with small steps over a prolonged period of time, as opposed to one big step over a short one. As our behaviours and habits take time to change, being patient in the process of growth is necessary for creating steady habits.

To kick things off, we can start with sharing with our family members what we might enjoy doing to begin our healthy lifestyle. Following this, we can start implementing small changes such as setting a fixed day in a week to have a healthy and nutritious, organic meal as a family, or to consider cutting off-screen time at a specific hour of the evening to inculcate the habit of a ‘less digital’ wind down before going to bed, so as to help us get ample sleep for the coming day.

Once small steps are conscientiously integrated into our day-to-day routine, we start to notice the formation of our newfound good habits. The result of this encourages us to adopt a less intimidating outlook towards what change entails in regards to the sacrifice and commitment required, hence spurring us on to keep motivated towards a life of self-improvement.

To sum it all up, modelling healthy behaviour and making small changes at home help us and our loved ones to start living a healthier lifestyle. Some of these changes could be implemented to our meals or to the activities that we engage in. They help us bring out the best versions of ourselves not just physically but also for a more positive mindset towards our health, hence improving our own lives and influencing our loved ones to do the same. In this, we promote for ourselves a family that takes interest in their health, and therefore can be healthier, and happier together!