Garlic Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop

  • Garlic Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop Recipe

    Garlic Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop Recipe

    This delicious chicken chop with creamy, rich flavoured garlic butter mushroom sauce is the perfect go-to meal when faced with few ingredients and little time. Serve this mouth-watering dish alongside pasta, rice or mashed potatoes for a delightful dinner meal!

    If you’re not already sold on trying this recipe, then do note that it takes less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook this dish in just one pan!


    Serves: 4
    Preparation time: 5 minutes
    Cooking time: 15 minutes



    600g Chicken Thighs
    Salt and Pepper
    2tsp Naturel Olive Oil
    1 tbsp  Naturel Soft Margarine


    Mushroom Sauce

    2 tbsp Naturel Soft Margarine
    120g mushroom
    1 garlic clove, finely chopped
    ¼ cup flour
    2 cup chicken broth
    Thyme/parsley (optional)
    2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce

    Cooking Method



    • Place cling wrap over chicken and pound to even thickness. Sprinkle both sides generously with salt and pepper.
    • Heat oil and melt 1 tbsp margarine in large skillet over high heat. Add chicken and cook for 3 mins. Transfer chicken to plate and set aside



    • Add 1 tbsp butter to skillet. Add mushroom and cook for 3 mins or until slightly golden. 
    • Add remaining 1 tbsp margarine and garlic. Cook for 1 min until mushrooms are golden.
    • Turn heat down to medium. Add flour and mix for 1 min.
    • Add roughly ¼ of the chicken broth with 2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce, mixing as you pour. Once incorporated, add remaining broth gradually while mixing. This is key to avoiding lumps in gravy. Use whisk if needed.
    • Cook gravy for about 2 mins or until it thickens to your preferred taste. Do take note that it will thicken more as it cools when serving. Add salt and pepper accordingly
    • Place chicken on serving plates and top with mushroom sauce and enjoy!

    October 25, 2021