Salad Jar

  • Salad Jar Recipe

    Salad Jar Recipe

    This salad jar recipe makes meal prep so simple and helps you to easily incorporate salad into your meals. What’s more, you can also freely customize and tweak the recipe to suit your palate even better!


    Serves: 1
    Total time: 10 minutes
    For Sauce:
    2 tbsp Naturel Organic Coconut Cider
    2 tbsp roasted sesame dressing
    For Salad:
    1 tomato, cubes
    ½ cucumber, sliced
    3 mandarin oranges, peeled
    ½  red cabbage, shredded
    ½ lettuce, shredded
    2 pcs chicken breast

    Cooking method

    – In a small bowl, mix the Naturel Organic Coconut Cider and roasted sesame dressing, mix well.
    – Drizzle Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto pan and pan-fry chicken breast.
    – In a jar, place the tomatoes, red cabbage, cucumber, mandarin oranges, chicken breast and lettuce, layer by layer.
    – Lastly, pour the Sauce over.

    September 22, 2021