Ramadan Respites

Experience the magic of Ramadan through the art of cooking! MasterChef Singapore Finalist and crowned #SambalQueen, Shamsydar Ani (@sharmeee) is an expert in Malaysian cooking, photography, content creation, and home chef. She’s ready to bring you scrumptious and nutritious Ramadan meal prep recipes made with your favourite Naturel products!

Starting the day with healthy loads of protein combining, chickpea, lentils, and chicken to make a delicious stew for Suhoor.

Break your fast with the comforting warmth of Soto broth and embrace the fun twirls of fusilli pasta. Cool down afterwards with our refreshing Coconut Nectar Lemonade, a perfect blend of sweet and tart to quench your thirst!

Check out her recipes you can try at home and enjoy with your family this Ramadan here.