Our Organic Mixed Brown GABA & Riceberry Rice will show you what cracker addiction looks like! Try out this Nutty Puffed Brown Rice Crackers recipe that’s a perfect combination of sweet and crunchy, it’ll have you reaching for it non-stop!

30 mins

super easy

16 Large/20 Medium/32 Small pieces


Adjust Servings
25g white sugar
30g Naturel Organic Coconut Nectar
40g maltose
300ml water
A pinch of salt
30g white sesame seed
50g cashew nut, cut into small pieces
50g pistachio, cut into small pieces
50g preserved red dates (cut into small pieces)
For making puffed rice
25g Naturel Organic Brown GABA and Riceberry Rice


Prepare Puffed Rice:
- Rinse 25g Naturel Organic Brown GABA and Riceberry Rice.
- Boil 2L water in a pot, add in rice. Parboil rice for 10minutes and stir continuously.
- Pour out the hot water and rinse rice with tap water. Do this process at least 2 times to ensure rice is no longer warm.
- Spread the parboiled rice on a tray lined with kitchen town. Allow it to dry under a fan for approx. 30minutes.
- Heat up the wok with 1L of oil.
Tip: The oil is hot enough when there are bubbles formed around the chopsticks.
- Add in ¼ of the rice and deep fry in the hot oil until it puffs up. Lift it immediately with a sieve.
- Continue the process till all the rice has been deep fried.
Making the Puffed Rice Cracker:
- In a pot, add 300ml water.
- Once it starts to boil, add in salt and white sugar. Stir until the sugar has dissolved.
- Add in maltose and stire constantly until the mixture becomes thick and caramelized.
- Reduce to low heat and add in Naturel Organic Coconut Nectar and continue to stir until it becomes thick again.
- Turn off the heat. Immediately add in nuts, red dates and puffed rice. Mix well, till thoroughly combined.
- Immediately transfer mixture into a tray and sprinkle white sesame seeds over.
- Use a spatula to pat the mixture into shape.
- Allow to cool completely at room temperature before serving.
- Store in an airtight container.