Did you know “poke” means “chunk” in Hawaiian? Pronounced as “poh-KAY”, this dish is so fresh, yum!

15 mins

super easy

2 pax


Adjust Servings
1/4cup soy sauce
1tbsp lemon juice
1tbsp honey
1tbsp cooking wine
1tbsp water
2 thick slices sashimi-grade tuna, small chunks
1tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp sesame oil
1tbsp orange juice
1 Pinch of sesame seeds
2cups kelp
3tbsp vinegar
1tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp minced garlic
1tbsp sugar
1 packet Naturel Organic Buckwheat Spaghetti
1/2 cucumber, sliced
1/2 avocado, sliced


Mixed sauce
- Add all ingredients for Mixed Sauce in a bowl and stir well.
Prepare kelp
- Add kelp into cold water and leave for 15 minutes before draining.
- Add the ingredients for kelp and mix well.
Prepare tuna
- In a bowl with the tuna chunks, add the ingredients for Tuna and stir well. Place in refrigerator.
Make the spaghetti
- Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add salt and Naturel Organic Buckwheat Spaghetti, stirring occasionally to avoid sticking. Cook for about 9-11 minutes.
- Drain the spaghetti.
Assemble the bowl
- Plate the spaghetti.
- Take the tuna out of the refrigerator. Add tuna, kelp, sliced avocado and sliced cucumber onto the spaghetti.
- Lastly, pour the Mixed Sauce over.