School Holiday Activities

It’s that time of year again, the school holidays are here! No more school runs, homework checks and parent-teacher communication for at least a month. It is a time to reconnect, recollect and regroup as a family.

Although our busy schedules will be less packed without school runs, we might still be away from our children during the day. Are you wondering what you can do to keep the kids occupied while juggling your schedule at the same time?


School Holiday Destress

Before we get down to the details of what activities we can occupy our children with, there are some mental and emotional well-being factors we need to remember while planning out their school holiday calendar.


Rest & Recharge

While it may not be as significant as the amount of stress as we carry on a day-to-day basis, children and teens do get stressed out. When planning out their activities, be sure to balance out their needs with their responsibilities.

As reported in Asia One, “Schoolchildren are paying a heavy price for Singapore’s success in global education rankings, with rising numbers seeking psychiatric help as they struggle to cope with the relentless pressure for academic excellence.”

School holidays are the perfect opportunity to let them relieve some pressure and focus their energy on their happiness and mental well-being.


Allow them to open up emotionally

Ask questions and listen as your children answer them. We can take this time to observe how they handle themselves, express their sentiments, and their thought process.

When planning their school holiday activities, take note of the information they share; what interests them or what intrigues them. When you take their interests into account, they will also be more likely to listen to your opinions.


Building self-esteem & imparting values

With open communication between you and your child, it will be easier to impart values and build your child’s self-confidence.

Sometimes children can shy away from trying new things. So when you are planning their school holiday activities, give them encouragement and tell them what they might gain from the experience. Better yet, join in the fun!

There have been studies that link quality time with parents and the children’s academic success. 


Indoor Fun

It’s always best to have a few activities listed indoors and outdoors. Some children are not fond of sunny weather and prefer to be indoors. If you have a child just like this, then these activities might come in handy for their calendar!


Art, crafts & everything in between


Art & craft activities like pottery classes and soap making workshops will be a great activity for children to explore. The classes are not only fun, they get to bring home something they can be proud of. Plus, they’re practical too!

Another fun idea to try are cooking or baking workshops. Culinary arts is one of the best ways to build confidence, encourage creativity, and increase knowledge about healthy eating. As an added bonus, you can ask them to participate in preparing meals at home. Pick a kid-friendly dish with easy-to-use ingredients like Naturel Organic Spaghetti and Organic Pasta Sauce that they can make on their own without much help.

One of the great ways to encourage your child to be more expressive and receptive is through speech and drama classes. They’ll also grow to be more eloquent and confident in a fun environment.


Let’s get physical indoors

Children have a lot of energy in them and being active is a great way to tire them out. For example, going to indoor parks and playgrounds gives them the opportunity to run, jump, climb, and swing the way they always want to but aren’t able to on regular days.

There are many indoor physical activities they can try. From wall climbing to trampoline parks and martial arts. Being physically active helps children regulate their emotions and mentality.


Staying in

On days when you are not able to participate or bring them out, there is still plenty you can plan to keep them busy with at home.

Cut down their screen time and organise fun activities they might like to try instead. For example, you can start a book club with your family. Pick a book or two every week to read together and discuss what they like, do not like, learn about, and what they think of the stories they have read. 

Another way to keep them busy at home while helping them destress is by making chores fun. Scavenger hunts and obstacles courses in the form of house chores will not only bring fun into the mix, it helps them be more resilient through challenges they face.


Outdoor Adventures


Kids are happiest when they’re out and about so, explore other activities that you can do outdoors! A little fun in the sun goes a long way for their mental health.



Sometimes, all it takes is a day out to get your kids hyped up. Increase their knowledge and interests in the world around them by taking them to visit fun spots around the country.

For example, arrange a visit to the zoo. They’ll be able to see animals, go on rides, and learn about the environment. The zoo is one of the places they can visit many times without getting bored.

Another idea is to take them to historical places. Here is a good opportunity to pique their interest in history and help them understand how a country is built and governed.

To inculcate empathy and compassion in your children, taking part in community services like volunteering at the senior centres, beach clean up or animal shelter is a great school holiday activity.


Outdoor exercise

When you think of the outdoors, you will almost automatically think of exercise. Exercising can be a great way for kids to relieve stress, but leisure activities like flying a kite or simply running around playing catch is both physical and fun.

To make it a wholesome family time, try doing something fun over the weekends like going to the beach or swimming pool. Hiking as a family is also another way to get the blood pumping and bond with your kids.

You can even encourage your children to start their own business by providing some kind of service. Like dog walking or cleaning cars for the neighbourhood. They’ll learn the process of making money, planning their finances and saving.



Children can be a handful sometimes and school holidays can be as chaotic as school days but with some good old planning and an open discussion as a family, you’ll see that school holidays will be just the antidote to the stress you and your children have been carrying around.

Keep communication open and often while giving them plenty of ways to keep busy whenever you are unable to be with each other. At the end of the day, when it comes to family time, it’s about quality not quantity.