About Naturel

Naturel is a home-grown brand launched in 1993.
We started with cooking oil and monounsaturated margarine and subsequently extended to
a range of olive oils and organic food staples which are carefully sourced and certified by
internationally recognized certifying bodies.

The brand aims to bring a holistic approach to Eating right, Keeping fit and Beating stress to
the modern consumers and to encourage them to Join the Naturel Living!

What’s On

  • Enjoy A Rice Win

    Win exciting prizes such as Klook vouchers, Dyson Hair Styler, Zojirushi Rice cooker and more when you purchase any pack of Naturel Organic Brown Rice*!...

  • Running out of ideas on how to prepare your salad?

    Who said salads have to be boring? Naturel Salad Shake — the inspiration you need to elevate your salad! Choose between Naturel Organic Coconut Nectar or Orga...


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