Give Yourself a Break

For most of us, juggling our daily routine is a piece of cake. When you’re so used to running around getting things done, you think the stress that comes with it is normal. However, the truth is that we’ve been functioning instead of living. That is why most of our jobs allocate several days for personal leave.

Taking a break from work will help us perform at our best and stay happy with our jobs. So, from time to time, take a break!


Effects of Overworking


If you haven’t taken time off in a long time, it’s important to watch for signs of overworking. Prolonged periods without a break can lead to physical and mental fatigue, increased stress levels, and decreased productivity.



Burnout is a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. According to an article by Serena Fung, “Year after year, Employee burnout in Singapore remains top in the world and 2023 is no different.”

She also noted that in Milieu’s 2023 Report which focuses on HR professionals in Singapore, “at least 75% of them experience burnout and 32% of the respondents believe their company values mental health.”

Burnout causes difficulty in concentrating on tasks and being creative. This happens because your mind is not in its best shape.

Mental burnouts cause you to be filled with self-doubt and you may question your sense of purpose. You may also feel dissatisfied or underappreciated while at the same time, you feel like you are incapable or undeserving.


Socially Disconnected

Overworking can take a mighty toll on our social life. As we focus much of our attention on work, we tend to let our social and family life fall by the wayside. 

You may even notice that the people around you complain that you are always working or that you are always not around.

An article on the access group noted, “Spending more hours at work diminishes the amount of time you can give your family and friends. Yet, when there is an opportunity to spend time socialising, you find yourself distant and disconnected.”

Overworking leads to a very lonely feeling and diminishes our sense of accomplishment. In other words, the more we overwork, the less we feel a sense of achievement.


Benefits of Taking a Break


While taking a few personal days may mean you’ll have to put work on hold, it also means you will get some time to work on yourself and return with a fresh state of mind to tackle any tasks.


Restful Mind & Body

A break, even a proper short rest, can help heal our tired mind and body. Giving your mind a break from focusing on work would help you recalibrate your thinking and help you process everything better.

You’ll also enjoy a more restful sleep as you won’t have to go through your usual morning routines, giving your body a much-needed chance to recharge.


Be Socially Active

Taking a break from work will give you and your loved ones a chance to reconnect. With everyone’s busy schedule, it would be hard for us to keep up and be updated on what’s been happening.

Reconnecting with our family and friends will help us feel more at ease and comfortable, increasing confidence and positivity.

You will also rediscover the importance of having a well-balanced life when juggling your career and relationships and naturally sustain that balance when you go back to work.


A Fresh Perspective

Some time off from work would increase our competency, creativity, and efficiency. When our minds are fresh, it would be easier to come up with new ideas and solutions that will help us meet our task goals.

Returning to work after a break would make us appreciate our jobs even more. We would get back our sense of purpose and feel excited to contribute.


Activities to Do While Taking a Break


A hiatus is a great opportunity to occupy your time with fulfilling and fun activities. They would still provide some intellectual stimulation without making you feel stressed out.



Visiting new places can shift our mind to focus on a new surrounding instead of the usual thoughts that we always focus on. An overseas trip or simply a nearby destination will open us up to new experiences and people.

Another idea is to visit old friends or family where you can relive old memories of the old and familiar grounds.

Travel not only adds to great memories we can always look back on, but it helps rest our minds from the myriad of responsibilities that cause us stress or anxiety.

Gathering with family members you haven’t seen in some time, or meeting new people from a different country will help you be more social and confident.



To occupy yourself during a break from work, try picking up a hobby or sign up for a class. It could range from trying something you’ve never done before to relearning something you haven’t done in a while.

For instance, you could learn baking or pottery. If you are more tech-savvy, you could explore coding or digital design. Whatever you find interesting, now is the time to explore.

Some of these skills may even benefit you at work. It could also give you a different trajectory for your career path.


Take Care of Yourself

Take this time to reflect on how you’ve been taking care of yourself. Perhaps begin an exercise routine or eat better. Or, reset your sleep cycle and balance out your day-to-day routine by adding more time for yourself or your family.

It is also a good time for some relaxation. Some meditation exercises or going for a spa day is a great idea too! This will heal your tired mind and erase some of the negative energy and stress you’ve been feeling.


Playing Hard Is Just as Important as Working Hard


Life is a balancing act. Many areas make up our lives and they are all equally important. Making time for each aspect of our lives is what makes it more fulfilling and joyful. 

Sometimes it can be hard to juggle the different responsibilities but the hard days will pass. Go easy on yourself and give yourself a break whenever you need to!