Steps To A Better You

Change is one of the scariest but most exciting parts of life. Although change comes with challenges, it also brings new opportunities and achievements!

Whether we have to quit an old habit, start anew at an unfamiliar place, or even a happy occasion like a marriage, change can be uncomfortable. However, as time passes, all those discomforts will fade and you’ll be an even calmer, more confident, and carefree version of yourselves.

What is Self Improvement & Why Is It Important?

Self-improvement is an act of enhancing or improving one’s self. The goal of an improvement is to acquire a better outcome. In this case, it’s a better version of yourself!

Knowing what and where to improve on will be according to you and what you view as important. We all have different reasons to make improvements, but here’s why it’s essential to do so.

To keep up to date

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only constant in life is change”. Though we cannot control how life or the world works, we can take control of our own habits and make the choice to improve.

Furthermore, self-improvement helps us prepare for the future. The more technological upgrades there are, the more knowledge and awareness will be needed for us to equip ourselves.

To unlock your true potential

Most of us are stuck in our comfort zone, and the only antidote for this is self-improvement. “Making conscious efforts to be a little bit better every single day will have you building a strong character and a powerful mental state,” says Sergios Rotar of Mental Style Project.

Other than that, self-improvement will also add to your self-esteem, and achieving something seemingly impossible will make you feel great about yourself!

The more you try, the better you become. Who knows what you can achieve if you keep on trying, right?

To cultivate self-love

Appreciating yourself and knowing your self-worth will lead you to respect yourself more. When you love yourself in every way, it helps you keep the focus on the more important things and filter out the negativity that comes externally.

You will then know how to treat yourself better, how you want others to treat you, and draw the line to how you don’t want to be treated.


Little Steps To Make Big Changes

Many of us have this preconceived idea that self improvement requires drastic change. The truth is, it actually requires small steps and a little effort over time to see big results!

Of course, there are many ways to improve ourselves. However, to reduce the risk of giving up, feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, try taking it one step at a time.

Reflect & reset

See what areas of your life you feel need improvement and how they can change your life. For example, you may feel your home can be neater; reflect on how a neat and tidy home can make your life better.

Write down a list of goals you want to accomplish in your life. It will keep you motivated and help you focus on a target within the time frame you set for yourself.

On top of that, you could get feedback from the people around you on what you need improvement on. Sometimes, it takes a fresh eye from a different perspective to help us understand ourselves better.

Gain knowledge

One of the best ways to be more aware and knowledgeable is through reading. Reading books of different genres and subjects can help open you up to new things and possibilities.

You could also learn an instrument or a new language. Being involved in arts and culture will help you level up.

Another alternative is to try new things and develop new skills. Try out different things like pottery or a different type of sport than the ones you always play. Don’t be afraid to explore!

Take better care of your health

Taking better care of your health will help you regulate your mind and emotions. Furthermore, being more health conscious will help you form a better attitude about your life.

You would think more clearly, become more focused, and feel more inspired to become better in other aspects of your life!


Making The Change Long Term

One of the harder parts of self-improvement is maintaining it in the long run. In order to see the difference in your life, you need to keep up with the little steps you have taken.

Hence, having some support and motivation can go a long way!

Have a support system

Surround yourselves with people who can be honest and give constructive criticism. A third person can give you better insights into your progress. A support system also helps you keep going especially when you feel like giving up.

Who you choose as your support system also plays an important role. Be sure to keep your circle positive. The best people to start with are those who love you and will be there for you.

Reward yourself

To keep yourself motivated on your journey of self-improvement, celebrate the small wins you achieve. Whenever you manage to tick off a goal, give yourself a reward! Just a small token that you can indulge in and embrace the moment.

This is where the list of daily goals comes in handy too. Looking at all the to-dos checked off from the list will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to go further.

Be patient

The process of self-improvement is not instantaneous, so do think of it as a journey. Taking it day by day will help you feel more at ease and less stressed. The fact that you are willing to take the first step is already half the battle won.

The transition will be much easier when you change without feeling forced. Whatever steps you are taking, ensure that it is done willingly.


A New & Improved You

Self-improvement is a vital tool that helps us survive life in the way we want. The new and improved you will also see that there are so many more opportunities coming your way and more paths to explore.

What’s more, you’ll even find that the people around you will be inspired. When they see how much you have grown and what you can contribute, they’d want to be better too. Come and get inspired to make a change and become an inspiration that would move the world with you!