Creative Ways to Help the Earth

The earth needs our help! Making our planet a cleaner and greener place doesn’t have to be a bore. In fact, the activities that we can participate in to help the cause of global warming could be rather exciting. From the crafty ways we can recycle our used materials, to the thrill of a beach day clean-up competition, helping our planet is important and having fun doing so makes the entire experience more worthwhile!

To begin this journey, we can start by making small changes in our day to day lives. Though small, these little changes have large consequences in helping to alter the outcome of global warming. Through some of these activities, we can also forge closer bonds with our families and friends, meet new people, and even get creative and crafty.

With that, let’s take a look at the unique ways we can help our planet while getting creative doing so!

Crafty Ways to Save the Earth

The idea of saving the earth does not initially sound like something of great entertainment. However, if we can bring out some creativity within ourselves, we can find a unique way to reduce waste.

Here are a list of fun ways to upcycle while helping the environment:

  1. Turn empty glass bottles into fancy lights
  2. Weave plastic bags into woven bags and doormats
  3. Turn old buttons into fashionable earrings
  4. Use egg boxes as propagators for seedlings
  5. Use old coffee grounds as composting material
  6. Turn toilet paper rolls into pens or makeup organisers

There are so many exciting and unique ways to turn recycling into a family activity. Sometimes, saving the earth just requires some thinking out of the box!

Family Day Beach Clean-up

Going to the beach for some friendly-competition family day clean up always excites the kids! When we engage the family in unique and enticing ways of helping the earth, they’ll be more inclined to participate, and that’s a win for everyone!

To begin this clean-up competition, provide each family member with a large trash bag. The aim of this competition is to see which family member fills up their trash bags with rubbish and litter along the beach. The first person to do so will be crowned the champion and may be rewarded with a gift of the family’s choice!

The public can enjoy the cleaner and greener space around them through our creative little efforts. On top of this, our families can find a fun way to bond and enjoy ourselves while taking away an important lesson about litter and about preserving our planet.

Regardless of what trash we collect and how we plan on doing so, we are still ultimately doing our part in contributing to a global effort. When we reduce the litter around our city, we help to protect the animals around us who may mistakenly eat what is unhealthy for them. Therefore, even our seemingly small actions play a vital role in caring for the future of our environment!

Volunteering at an environmental organisation

Volunteering at an environmental organisation is a unique and exciting experience to try out. Everyone volunteers for different reasons and for different specific causes such as helping wildlife, doing clean-ups, or even participating in tree planting events. Regardless of what we choose and why we choose it, so long as we are interested in striving to achieve the goals of the organisations, it’s good enough!

On top of the personal benefit gained by volunteering, the wider community also benefits from our little efforts. Through the act of volunteering, social cohesion can be improved as organisations contribute to fostering closer neighbouring bonds between members in the organisations. Through the shared mission of these organisations, the wider community also benefits from the sustainable environment provided for all to live in.

Ultimately, environmental volunteering brings people from all different walks of life, and with different interests and abilities toward a shared cause.

Dietary Changes to Reduce Impact

The food choices we make everyday have a big impact on climate change. Due to this reason, even the little changes we make in our diets can inevitably add up to great environmental benefits. Fewer toxic chemicals, reduced global warming emissions, and even preservation of ocean resources come with eating in light of the environment’s needs. In this scenario, we can even consider eating “greener” by choosing fresher and healthier foods by supporting our local grocers as doing so reduces our ecological footprints.

To contribute to the needs of the environment, we can begin through the simple means of adjusting our diets. To start, we can take a look at some delicious and creative vegan recipes from our Naturel recipes page. On top of this, we can also consider choosing more organic foods as they have lower ecological footprints than non-organic foods. To check out some organic foods, you may take a look at our organic range.

Making a difference does not require making drastically large changes in our everyday lives. Sometimes, just simple adjustments to our lifestyle choices is enough to make a gigantic impact.

Our planet could use our help in both big and small ways! In whatever activities we do and actions we partake in, our deeds can play a large contribution to our planet’s needs. It is our responsibility to take care of the environment and we can always have fun doing so with creative twists that add elements of fun and excitement. Ultimately, making the active decision to help this important cause, reaps benefits beyond our own imagination!