Low-Impact Exercises for Weight Loss

Not all exercises are created equal. Depending on your needs and goals, intense workouts that require built-up stamina or a gym membership may not be suitable for the everyday person. Switching up your fitness routine to incorporate low-impact exercises is a safe and effective way that allows you to adapt the exercises to suit your fitness level and also gives your body a much needed break from high-intensity workouts throughout the week.

Low-impact exercises can be defined as any exercise where one foot stays on the ground at all times. This means engaging in an activity that involves less direct force on the joints and body, reducing risk of injury or exerting too much stress. This is great for people who are prone to joint injuries and could also help to train your balance.Looking to start easing low-impact exercises into your weekly routine? Here are some time-tested favourites to help you break a sweat.


Practising Pilates can be both a communal or solo activity. From rookies to advanced practitioners, the widespread popularity of this exercise has provided us with a wealth of step-by-step instructional videos for free on the web. Furthermore, combining pilates with other low or high-impact exercises can possibly be an effective way to help you achieve your weight loss goals quickly, increasing core strength, improving posture, decreasing back pain, and boosting your immunity.

Walking on a Treadmill

If you don’t already own a treadmill, this might just convince you to get one. What makes treadmill training ideal is the ability to set the gradient of the incline to your preference. This also includes adding a number of varieties and patterns to your fat-burning walk in the comfort of your home, boosting your heart rate and encouraging weight loss.


If you’re looking for a change in scenery, taking your bike outside for a ride is a great way of getting your daily exercise in. Even for beginners, cycling is sure to give your core a good workout, supplementing you with plenty of vitamin D from the sun, and strengthening leg muscles amongst a wealth of benefits. Not to mention, it is proven to ease feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety, releasing endorphins to keep chronic stress at bay.

Do a Cardio Circuit

Simply looking for a quick at-home option that requires no special equipment? Try following a cardio circuit! Some moves to alternate for a duration of 30-45 seconds each include squats or running and boxing in place. Remember to take at least a minute long rest inbetween sets, and definitely feel free to personalise this circuit to your own taste.

Tai Chi

Although unconventional, tai chi has been proven to be a gentle and calming way of encouraging weight loss, and warding off mental health troubles. Peaceful and fluid, the simple yet effective motions that go into this exercise are suitable for people of all ages, improving your mood and even promoting a more restful sleep after.Low-impact exercises don’t mean low results. Any form of exercise is sure to burn those pesky calories and help improve your mental health!